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Coporate Requirement - Patrimox Private Equity Group

General Requirements For Corporate Accounts

In order to open your account, we need the following documents:

For each named person on the application and corporate documents

  • Personal Information
  • A notarized colour copy of the ID page of passport
  • 1 original bank reference letter or a professional reference letter
  • 1 copy of a utility bill illustrating an address

For the Corporation - IBC, Trust, Foundation ......

  • Original Notarized copy of the complete set of registered company documents:
    for each named company on the application and Corporate list of shareholders and Directors
  • Certificate of Good Standing for the Company - if over one year
  • Certificate of Good standing for any company named as shareholder or director of the beneficial company - if over one year old

Once all documents are signed and completed, please scan and email them to us for review, then make a copy for your records. After the scanned application and coresponding documents have been reviewed, the Bank is required to receive the original or original notarized copies of the items listed.

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