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Gold Loan Program - Patrimox Private Equity Group

Gold Loan Program

Whether you want gold as a safety net in the event of a currency crisis or rather to store it for future generations to guarantee their financial security after you're gone, then the gold loan program offered through Patrimox Private Equity Group is right for you!

The program combines the security of gold with the opportunity for investment by letting you borrow against the value of your gold stored securely in Zürich, Switzerland offering you the incredible potential for increased investment returns.

How does the gold loan program work?

The program offered by the bank allows you to store your gold in a secure facility in Zürich which is the global centre for banking and finance, where it will be safely located in a vault. Once part of the program, Patrimox Private Equity Group will then offer a line of credit for up to 75 percent of the market value of the total gold which you have stored in the vault in Switzerland.

If a situation occurs in which the amount of your loan becomes worth more than 85 percent of the value of your stored gold, then a calculation will be done based on the present market value, and will you will be required to supply additional capital. If that is not possible within five business days, the necessary portion of your gold will be sold at market value to cover the costs of your loan with the bank. If the sale receives any excess profit, this will then be directly transferred to you.

How can I participate in the program?

  • To be considered eligible for the gold loan program offered by the bank, you will need to have a minimum initial holding of gold of at least USD $100,000. In addition to this, all participants in the gold loan program should be clients and account holders at Patrimox Private Equity Group.
  • If you do not have an account with Patrimox Private Equity Group then please contact the customer service team today, and they will be able to quickly and easily facilitate the opening of a bank account so that you can get started right away in this program. If you are perhaps interested in purchasing gold and borrowing against its value for a range of domestic or offshore investments, then we can also help you source gold at market value and have it secured and stored in our safe vault in Zürich, Switzerland.

What are the costs involved with the program?

  • There is minimal risk involved due to the gold being safely stored in a secured Swiss vault. That means that borrowers will enjoy minimal fees and costs to secure a substantial line of credit from Patrimox Private Equity Group. The bank’s annual interest rates are approximately 5.90% for a line of credit at 75% of the value of your stored gold.
  • If you choose to instead store your gold in Zürich for at least one year and take out a line of credit worth over 50% of the gold's market value, then your storage costs will be completely free. If you then choose to sell your gold after one year of an open line of credit and storage, then the bank’s typical administration fees will also be waived.

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