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Ethical Code - Patrimox Private Equity Group

Ethical Behavior And Business Integrity

The world of international banking may seem mysterious to some and conjure up concerns about illegal money laundering, but Patrimox Private Equity Group is committed to conducting business with honesty and intregrity that is above reproach.
We strive to adhere to high ethical standards in all decisions we make, taking into account not only the letter of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, but also whether a decision or activity is consistent with our values. Our competitive advantage comes from superior performance rather than using unfair business practices.

Client Relationships: Trust, Integrity and Privacy

We are committed to creating relationships with clients built on trust, getting to know your needs and banking habits so that we can give you the best service possible.
Patrimox Private Equity Group and its staff are committed to upholding client confidentiality and protecting client information. We will not disclose any information unless authorized by our clients and/or it is required by applicable laws or regulations. Your information is only shared internally with the appropriate Patrimox Private Equity Group staff.

Preventing Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Corruption?

Patrimox Private Equity Group and its staff are committed to assisting in the fight against money laundering, terrorism and corruption. We carry out money laundering prevention programs that seek to prevent, detect and report suspicions of money laundering, terrorism or any criminal activity.
Our policy of knowing who our clients are helps us screen those with dishonest motives and means better, more personal service for our legitimate customers.

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